Foundry Monuments

Eric is a full time artist, but he also utilized his talents at a well-known foundry in Bastrop, Texas. As Foundry Sculptor, he worked on many projects, especially in the area of enlargements and monuments. His expertise in sculpting for over 30 years, allowed him to apply his knowledge to all aspects of foundry production.

Eric is proud of his accomplishments at the foundry, and he particularly enjoyed creating the monuments. The monuments have a diverse subject matter and require elaborate planning due to the intricacy of each sculpture. Eric handled each project with enthusiasm and proficiency, his attention to detail is evident in his own artwork and he conveys this quality in all he creates.

One of the biggest perks that Eric enjoyed was working with each unique artist. Eric understands their needs, listens to their concerns, and communicates effectively to take their vision to the next level, and make it a reality.

Eric welcomes you to view the foundry monuments, each distinct and complex in their own right.

Artist: Frank Frazetta

Artist: Doug Roper